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Lipid Working Group

Gulf Heart Association Lipid Working Group

Mission statement:

The Lipid Working Group (LWG) advocates for patient quality care concerning lipid and lipoprotein disorders through education, research promotion, development of standards and guidelines to influence health care policy


1. Updating physician knowledge about management of dyslipidemia in the GCC region, through developing outreach courses, workshops and programs concerning lipid disorders and atherosclerosis

2. Improving patient support, education and advancement of public awareness through promoting awareness programs and media involvement in the form of the public events directed towards reducing the death rate of coronary artery disease, stroke, decreasing the prevalence of diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension and smoking.

3. Promoting multidisciplinary translational research through increased research resources to support translational lipid research from funding agencies.

4. Promoting specialized knowledge through organizing research conferences, technical and clinical workshops and exhibitions, where the program will definitively feature lectures delivered by protuberant international speakers alongside a range of high caliber local presenters.

6. Supporting the need for the development of lipid clinic network in the region. This will help in better patient referral and management in terms of complex lipid cases. This can be achieved by developing specialized certified lipid courses and programs for clinicians interested in managing patients with lipid disorders.

The list of Members:

 Dr. Khalid Al Rassadi

 Dr. Wael Almahmeed

The group will consist of clinicians and scientist interested in the field of lipid and atherosclerosis.

Chairman, Khalid Al-Rasadi, Oman (Lipidology), k.alrasadi@gmail.com
Khalid Al-Waili, Oman (Lipidology), khalidalwaili@hotmail.com
Al-Zadjali, Oman (Biochemistry), fahad.alzadjali@gmail.com
Wael Almahmed, UAE (Cardiology), wmahmeed@gmail.com
Dr. Abdullah Shehab, UAE (Cardiology), a.shehab@uaeu.ac.ae
Khalid AlHabib, KSA (Cardiology), khalidalhabib13@hotmail.com
Zuhair Awan, KSA (Lipidology), zuhier.awan@gmail.com
Fahad Al-Nouri, KSA (Cardiology), fahad@alnouri.net
Faisal Alallaf, KSA (Genetics), faallaf@uqu.edu.sa
Ahmed Al-Sarraf, Kuwait, (Lipidology), aalsarraf4@gmail.com
Mohammed Al-Jarallah, Kuwait (Cardiology), Draljarallah@me.com
Haitham Amin, Bahrain, (Cardiology), haitham_amin@yahoo.com
Nasreen Al-Sayed, Bahrain (Endocrinology/Lipidology),
Nidal Asaad, Qatar (Cardiology), nidalasaad@gmail.com

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