On Demand

In line with our vision of promoting medical education towards cardiologists in the Gulf region, GHA provides a range of educational activities which can be assessed online. Our On Demand section provides you with the option to access these contents at your convenience.

Patient with CKD and Hypertension

Presented by: Dr. Loai Abudaqa

Hypertension 2021, Guidelines and Treatment Choices

Presented by: Dr. Hussien Heshmat Kassem

Clinical Issues of Diagnosis and Management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Presented by: Prof. Nazzareno Galiè, Dr. Hani Sabbour

Patient with Recent Diabetes and no CVD

Presented by: Dr. Ahmad Al-Sarraf

Clinical Case: Patient with ACS

Presented by: Dr. Khalid Al Faraidy

Optimizing Treatment Strategies in PAH Patients

Presented by: Dr. Haitham Al Hashimi, Dr. Gerry Coghlan & Dr. Hani Sabbour

Beating Hearts Forum: Heart Failure, Chronic Coronary Syndrome, Hypertension

Presented By: Prof. Michael Böhm , Dr. Nooshin Bazargani & Dr. Hussien Heshmat Kassem

Advancing Anticoagulation Series: DOACS vs. Warfarin in Atrial Fibrillation

Presented By: Prof. Robert P. Giugliano & Dr. Adel Khalifa Hamad

Impact of Combination Therapy on Hypertension Treatment

Presented By: Dr. Saed Alsaeed, Dr. Hussien Heshmat Kassem & Dr. Mohamed Salah

Managing RV Hypertrophy in PAH Patients

Presented By: Prof. Stephan Rosenkranz

Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention: Series 3 of 3

Presented by: Dr. Dima Quraini, Dr. Waleed Aldahi & Dr. Mohamed Farghaly

Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention: Series 2 of 3

Presented by: Prof. Osama Hamdy, Dr. Mohamed Hassanein & Dr. Samer El Lahham

Hypertension and Chronic Coronary Syndrome Management

Presented By: Dr. Mousa Akbar & Dr. Ossama Barakat

Prediabetes and Diabetes Prevention: Series 1 of 3

Presented by: Dr. Salah Abusnana, Dr. Ebaa Al Ozairi & Dr. Osama Hamdy

Moving PHoward to Improve Prognosis of PAH Patients

Presented By: Dr. Gerry Coghlan and Dr. Hani Sabbour

Hypertension and Chronic Coronary Syndrome Management

Presented By: Dr. Fuad Abdulqader Saeed, Prof. Hassan Eltamimi & Dr. Mohammed Eldeeb

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is it still Perceived as a Rare Disease ?

Presented By: Prof. Nazzareno Galiè & Prof. Sean Gaine

COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Diseases

Presented by: Dr. Hani Sabbour & Dr. Bassam Atallah

Novel Approaches to Managing Dyslipidemia with CVD Patients

Presented by: Dr. Abdullah Shehab & Dr. Ahmad AlSarraf

COVID-19 and Heart Experiences from the Frontline

Presented by: Dr. Zhou Ning & Dr. Jack Tan

A Chat with Intensivists Caring for COVID-19 Patients

Presented by: Dr. Ibrahim Fawzy Hassan, Dr. Huda Alfoudri & Prof. Mohammad Zubaid

Evolution of Medical Therapy for HFrEF. Where do we Stand Today?

Presented by: Dr. Matlooba Al Zadjali & Dr. Ammar Chaudhary

Interview with a COVID-19 Survivor and Cardiologist

Presented by: Prof. Mohammad Zubaid & Dr. Husam Noor