Welcome Message

On behalf of my colleagues, members of the Board of Directors and all members of Gulf Heart Association (GHA), I welcome you to GHA Website.

The GHA as a leading, non-profit, professional, regional organization, with the participating of local and international organizations and institutions is very active in organizing scientific cardiology and cardiovascular surgery meetings, workshops and conferences in our region to educate ourselves and spread scientific information in our region.

The GHA was established during the first GCC Cardiovascular conference in Doha on January 15-17, 2002. The formation of the GHA was a landmark accomplishment for the GCC states. Starting with that 1st historic conference we laid down bridges of cooperation among cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and other cardiovascular specialties in the GCC states. The momentum is still progressing and flowering. We have already gained some of its fruits. The main aim of the GHA is to improve the quality of cardiac care in the GCC states through its various activities.

The major aims of our association are as follows:

  • Raising the standard of cardiac care in the GCC states.
  • Conduct scientific conferences and symposia.
  • Carry on scientific research on cardiovascular diseases.
  • Publish professional periodicals and information.(GHA has Heart Views as its official journal and a website).
  • Create professional, educational, and social ties among members of GHA.
  • Create links and cooperation locally and with international medical institutions and professional societies.
  • The GHA hopes to establish criteria for GCC cardiovascular specialist to meet high standards of competence and expertise.
    The GHA seeks to suggest laws to be adopted by GCC countries for the prevention of cardiac disease and advance the care of patients with heart disease.

Dr. Mohammed Zubaid
Gulf Heart Association