Board Members

The Board members helps to guide the mission and objectives of the society. In addition to organizing events and educational related activities, they also perform research and provide support to cardiologists.

Dr. Jassim Al Suwaidi

Dr. Mohammed Al Jarallah
General Secretary


Dr. AbdulWahid Al Mulla

Dr. Kadhim Jaffer Sulaiman
Immediate Past President

Dr. Mohammed Zubaid
Past President 

Dr. Hajar Al Binali
Past President


Dr. Wael Al Mahmeed
Past President 


Dr. Abdul Hai Awadi

Dr. Fuad Abdulqader Saeed

Dr. Habib Tareif

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Adel Tash

Dr. Khalid Al Najashi

Dr. Waleed AlHabeeb


Dr. Mohamed Aljarallah

Dr. Mohammad Zubaid

Dr. Mousa Akbar


Dr. Kadhim J Sulaiman

Dr. Hatim Al Lawati

Dr Salim Al Maskari


Dr. AbdulWahid Al Mulla

Dr. Hajar Al Binali

Dr. Jassim Al Suwaidi

United Arab Emirates

Dr. Alawi Al SheikhAli

Dr. Abdulla Shehab

Dr. Wael Almahmeed


Dr. Ahmed Al Qudaimi

Dr. Ahmed Motarreb

Dr. A Nasser Munibari